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Things to do in Kangaroo Island

There are various ways which you could enjoy while having your vacation in Kangaroo Island and its 540km shoreline. Plenty of fun-filled activities like seal bay tours, fishing, experiencing the sun in white sand beaches, the area has all of it.

Majority of the sheltered swimming beaches is high on the northern coast. Southern coast Beaches are usually susceptible of rips and rapid currentsit also has colder water in comparison to the others. Vacationers with youngsters and families with them often travels to Antechamber Bay where the Chapman River is found that provides the young ones their space have fun in. Other perfect beaches for your youngsters are Brown beach and Stokes and Vivione Bay.

Kangaroo Island provides their surfing buff visitors diverse surfing variation all all year round. The waves which were present in the south and west coast are due to the waves which are primarily from the south-west direction. The larger waves occur during wintertime in which the northern winds combine with the bigger swells. If you want to surf inside the northern coast, you must have the western swell along with the southern winds to mix. For surfing first-timers you can visit Vevione, Pennington or Stokes Bay while intermediate surfers can go on to Hanson or D'Estrees Bay.

Another thing to do in the Island is Kayaking, which is perfect for coastline sightseeing. Numerous establishments by the island offer kayaks for hire and guided tours that in case you didn't bring yours or does not have one. Watch the natural charm on the waters as well as the rich wildlife which you cannot miss.

Go swimming with the wild dolphins in one of the marine tours or snorkel into the deep waters with colorful fishes and see the leafy sea dragon that you should see first to believe.

The "must see" Leafy Sea Dragon gets larger to 45cm long and is comparable to a sea horse that stays in sea grasses. These creatures are secured from the threat inside their home resulting from water contamination and chemical run-off. A special fact regarding this specie is the fact that the male sea dragon gets pregnant and it has to hold 100-250 eggs.

50 ship wrecks sits in Kangaroo Island all-around its coastline, scuba divers loves to explore this wrecks for many of them is fun for wreck diving.

Those of you that choose to fish in the island, you can position your line at surf beach or set sail or perhaps set up your reel on a deep sea charter. Fishes like King George Whiting, Australia Salmon, Tommy Ruff and Trevally are up for grab if you are an effective fisherman

If you desire to go sailing, and sail away to some sheltered anchorages through the northern coast where you can stay put and relish the exquisite clean water and astounding landscapes.

Kangaroo Island accommodation offers excellent budget specials for every style of living. You should have aspot to retire and rest from a long afternoon of experiencing and enjoying the place.

Kangaroo Island is definitely a destination for all seasons and friendly people, pristine beaches, cool breezes and island accommodation make it a top pick. Each season here brings with it new life that comes with impressive landscape which could surely inspire you.

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